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1961 Ford Sunliner - The 2015 STREET RODDER Road Tour Build

Our 2015 Street Rodder Road Tour car is well on its way toward completion. That's good news because it's due for its unveiling on Saturday, June 6 at the NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona.

Gene Winfield Chops a 1957 Chevy Live at Boston World of Wheels

If there’s one person who knows fabrication its legendary car customizer Gene Winfield who’s been actively infusing dramatic lines into hot rods and custom cars since opening his original shop back in 1946.

Outlaw Street Car Reunion II: X275 Class Highlights

With more than 60 cars signed up for the X275 class at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion at Memphis International Raceway, the pits were loaded with cars that were purpose-built for this exciting class.

Outlaw Street Car Reunion II: On Track Action

Keep checking in with the Hot Rod Network for the latest in big wheelies, billowing nitrous purges, and burning rubber.

Mopar Party: Day 1 of MATS 2015 in Las Vegas

Classic Challengers, Cudas, Darts, Chargers, Imperials, Satellites, D-series trucks and even a few AMCs

Mopars At The Strip: Drag Racing Photo Gallery

Chrysler has a long and distinguished history in drag racing, which often is forgotten by the youngest generation with their low-sitting Hondas and Nissans.

Highlights From Day 1 At the 2015 Mopars At The Strip

Each spring, Pentastars make the trek to the Strip At Las Vegas for a spectacular car show, drag race, autocross, and rock 'n' roll afterparty, sponsored by The Cannery Hotel and Casino.

Behind the Scenes at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion in Memphis.

Here are some of the sights from the weekend from the Outlaw Street Car Reunion II

First Look: Boston World of Wheels

Anyone who lives in New England knows what it's like to endure a long winter. It's one where you spend all your spare time hidden away in your shop working on your hot rod or custom making improvements or completing a long term build.

Road Trip! California to Colorado in a Z06 Corvette

24-Hour Road Trip From California to Colorado in a 650HP Z06 Corvette

The 2014 AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour - Leg 5 is, as their site explains, "A celebration of Southeast Michigan's Automotive Heritage through a series of cruises, races, and shows that take place over the course of a year."

2015 March Meet Jumbo Photo Gallery

"This show is much more than a drag race." We overheard this while sitting in a van at the 2015 March Meet drinking purified water with good-natured hot rod guys.

2015 49th Annual Piston Powered Auto-Rama in Cleveland

If you're a hot rodder you're well-accustomed to the adrenalin rush you get every time you fire up your ride. It's a moment when car and driver become one while the open road lies ahead.

2014 AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour - Leg 4

The Eastwood Company has been a familiar name in our hobby for many years. As suppliers of quality tools and products they help rodders build and maintain their vehicles on a regular basis.

Highlights From The 10th Annual Spring Festival Of LXs

For those who missed it, here are a few highlights from the 10th Annual Festival of LXs. For those who might want to attend next year, the Spring Festival of LXs is always the third weekend in March.

Celebrating Traditional Hot Rods in the Suede Palace

A weekend at the Grand National Roadster Show is proof that the branches of hot rodding are numerous and wide. A few minutes in the Suede Palace is proof that the roots go deep.

The AMSOIL/Street Rodder Road Tour: Leg 7

Dynamat has been an important part of every Road Tour car for many years. Important because giving our Tour cars the Dynamat treatment ensures that our summer long, 20,000-mile adventure will be cool and quiet with a solid ride for those bumpy roads.

This 1936 Packard Roadster is a Modern Coachbuilt Classic

Building 4 is one of a long row of buildings at the L.A. County Fairplex that the GNRS fills with America's most beautiful cars, but this one is where the contenders for the America's Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR) award are highlighted.

The New Boss Block: Ford Has a Stroke of Genius

There's an old automotive adage that says when it comes to performance "there's no replacement for displacement." That holds particularly true when the vehicle in question tips the scales at near 3,900 pounds empty like our 2015 ARP/Street Rodder Road Tour 1961 Ford Sunliner.

FIRST With a Huge Gallery From the 2015 Portland Roadster Show

FIRST With a Huge Gallery From the 2015 Portland Roadster Show

36 New Mopar Products - 2014 SEMA Show

You never forget your first time at the SEMA show. Even the old-timers can't help but get excited about SEMA.

66th Grand National Roadster Show

It's not a question of entries as there are larger but rather a show that brings out the latest, freshest ideas in our hobby, along with an extremely high-quality list of entrants.

Classic Trucks at the Big 3 Parts Exchange 2015

The Big 3 Parts Exchange, held every February at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California, is a three-day swap meet, so sellers camp on site.

2015 Preservation Award Winner at Detroit Autorama

In 2014, Steele Rubber Products teamed up with the Detroit Autorama to present the annual Preservation Award. This prestigious award is given to a vehicle and an individual that showcases the heritage of the hot rod and classic car industry.

The Rest of the Best - 2014 SEMA Show

You would think with nearly a week to check out everything at the 2014 SEMA Show (November 4-7, 2014) that it would be a slam dunk to see every single Mopar in the joint—and that's what we made our mission to accomplish.

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