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The Bonneville Speed Week That Wasn’t

What Happens When You Have to Call Off the Fastest Race On Earth?

Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals

Most new cars are slathered in boring, lifeless colors: Gruesome Gray, Coffee Grounds Brown, Bronchitis Beige, Grimy Green, and Bread Mold Blue.

Hot August Nights Lights Up Reno

Between the flashing neon lights, chiming slot machines, endless live entertainment, and 24/7 hustle and bustle, Reno, Nevada, has no shortage of sensory stimulation.

Joe’s Minibike Reunion 2014

40+ Photos of Vintage and Modern Two-Wheelers

60th Anniversary of the U.S. Nationals

Yes, That’s In Stock

Mooneyes Xmas Party 2014

If you've seen Hot Rod Magazine's photo gallery from the Mooneyes Xmas Party, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a drag racing event. While this is part of the show, it's anything but the main activity.


Since the beginning of the "Come Along for the Ride" version of the Road Tour series in 2006 the Vintage Air Tour has always been one of the most popular. Rick Love from Vintage Air has a huge following of Road Tourians in the Lone Star State.

Mooneyes Xmas Party Show and Drag Was A Retro Riot

See all our photos here, including one heck of a gnarly crash!

ChampTruck World Series

John Condren, ChampTruck CEO, has been working to put together a European-style truck racing world series for more than a year.

PRI Series Announcements

Here's the rundown on the big announcements made this week at PRI.

Final 2015-2017 HOT ROD Drag Week Rules Are Here

Finally, we present the official rules for HOT ROD Drag Week races for 2015, 2016, and 2017.

The People You Meet at the PRI Show

There are tons of great characters in hot rodding history. Eric Rood had a brief encounter with the infamous Oscar Koveleski at the PRI show. He’s still trying to figure out what happened.

A Look at Some of the Special Areas at the Street Rod Nationals

Along with tons of participants' cars, the builders showcase, row after row of vendors, and seminars galore, each year there are special events within the special event that is the Street Rod Nationals. Here's a look at them.

Car Craft's Anti Tour 2014

First off, we must admit to not being good at marketing our own events. When we finally posted the official route and itinerary for this year's Anti Tour on our website and Facebook page, lots of people wrote in asking what the "Anti" in Anti Tour means. Good question!

Yokohama 23rd Annual Hot Rod & Custom Show

Finishing the year off with a bang, the one-day Yokohama car show, organized by Moon of Japan, filled the city's downtown Pacifico Exhibition Hall with many things to see.

Thursday Coverage - PRI Show 2014

Whether you're into Top Fuel dragsters to road racers to dirt-track cars, we've got a gallery from our 2014 PRI Show Coverage

HOT ROD Power Tour 2015: Dates, Locations, Registration, and FAQ

HOT ROD Power Tour, presented by Chevrolet Performance, is the largest road trip in the world, with several thousand cars traveling to seven cities in seven days.

9 Reasons To Care About Monterey Car Week

Put down that fake monocle and stop talking in your rich-guy voice.

Real Street Eliminator

Some ideas just transcend time. Take the raft of muscle-car and Pro Touring competitions that have become so popular in the last five years.

The First Jalopy Jam-Up

When was the last time you were able to say that you attended a traditional hot rod and custom car show at an actual ghost town? Sounds like a pretty tall order right?

Holley’s LS Fest

We just got back from Holley's LS Fest. This was the fifth year, and it’s grown bigger and better every year. Holley has a winning formula in this show.

45th Annual NSRA Street Rod Nationals Plus

In the world of street rodding any one of us would be hard pressed to think of another city other than Louisville, Kentucky, that is the home of so many rodding memories.

2014 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals

Photos From Chicagoland’s Biggest Indoor Muscle Car Show

The AMSOIL/Street Rodder Sherm's Custom Plating Road Tour - Part 9

After visiting Rick's Restorations on Thursday morning it was time to go to the Convention Center and the SEMA Show. For the folks who had not attended a SEMA Show previously just approaching the show area will take your breath away.

The AMSOIL/Street Rodder Sherm's Custom Plating Road Tour - Part 8

We arrived in Las Vegas on Wednesday afternoon. Some of the Road Tourians had stopped by Hoover Dam on our way into town. Almost all of us were staying at the Gold Coast Resort on Flamingo Road.

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